Micro Derma Rolling!

A month or so ago I started derma rolling. A little skeptical at first but went all in. As with most things it takes time to work, so I waited a few weeks and was actually surprised to see a difference in my fine lines and firmness of my skin.

What Derma Rolling does is makes very small punctures in your skin which in turn signals your brain to send collagen to those “injured” areas. Oh collagen! That beautiful thing we all had an abundance of when we were young. As we age collagen says bye bye so we have to trick our body into making more.

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Maybelline eyeshadow pallettes.

I wanted to do a little post about Maybelline’s

newer eyeshadow pallettes, Soda Pop, burgundy bar and Lemonade. The shadows in these pallettes have excellent pigmentation and blend beautifully. I absolutely love that each color is different but can play be used together to create an unique blend just for you.

I am not sponsored by Maybelline so this review is honest and true.

Along with amazing pigmentation and smooth application, these shadows are so affordable! Each one is under $10.00! You really can’t beat that.

Next time you’re looking for a great eyeshadow try Maybelline, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Facebook page!

I have my Facebook page up and running! If you would like to check it out search Beauty on a Budget with Cindy on Facebook. Once there please like and share my page! It would be so appreciated. Also, you can find all my YouTube videos there. Really new to all this so my videos ATM aren’t the best but I’ll be getting a new camera soon and have my video editing skills mastered 😊. I really do appreciate all the support. I love all things beauty and am really having a ton of fun doing all this! 😘 xoxoxo

September Ipsy!

So like every month I anticipated my Ipsy bag. Of course I got a sneak peak at what was in my bag a few days before I actually got it. Winkie Lux eyeshadow, a cool makeup brush, Nomad highlighter, Smashbox primer and BRTC face masks. I was excited about the eyeshadow and brush but felt a bit disappointed by the highlighter and primer. I’ve tried higher end primer and it really didn’t do any better than my $6 Elf primer. As for the highlighter, it just wasn’t my color. I am really considering going to Birchbox. Ipsy just seems to be throwing things in a bag and shipping it. I’m going to give it one more month and if things don’t get better I think I’ll see what Birchbox has to offer.

If anyone also subscribes to Ipsy please comment on what your experience has been.

Thanks so much!!!